Hello there! Happy Halloween Blue Moon & Samhain Blessings!!! Sale!🎃💜

Hi my name is Deana Ann and I am thrilled to share my love of Gemstones by creating beautiful, magical pieces designed to uplift the soul ushering in positive energy. 

I am a happy mother of two great kids, devoted daughter, and loving girlfriend. We live in a quaint New Jersey town with both beautiful mountains and beach areas within a short driving distance.  As a Healer and Intuitive Artist, I create using color and images I see within my visions. Every day I am inspired to create from the natural beauty around me. I see color and healing energy in my flower garden, the beautiful souls I interact with, and the soothing vibe of the Jersey Shore.  I am especially proud of the creation of my Angel Bracelets which came to me during a dream of my dear beloved sister who lost her battle with breast cancer seven years ago.  

My path as a white witch is to bring forth more light into the world by helping others find their own inner magic again. I practice energy work, meditation, and yoga. I am a Reiki II Practitioner and Crystal Intuitive Healer. Much of my own healing is channeled through creativity. Wounded people know how to help others find what makes them shine again. I do this not only through hands-on energy work but also through art. My designs inspire and bring forth vibrational energies designed to uplift the soul through color, symbols, and meaning. Depending upon the creation, I use various materials including natural crystals and gemstones, layered acrylic paint, stretched canvas, canvas panels, wood, and stone. All my creations have been infused with Reiki healing energy in combination with intuitive crystal healing properties.  Everyone has the power to find their own light, but it helps to be guided. This is my calling and these gifts I have always carried.  Now is the time to share my rainbows and light with all those choosing to heal and walk in peace.

Many blessings to you always!!!  Enjoy my Halloween Moon Sale 10/30/20 thru 11/1/20!!

Deana Ann🧡

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